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To assist and represent the crop production supply and service industry while promoting the sound stewardship and utilization of agricultural inputs.

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Updated Feb 24, 2017

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Worker Protection Standard - How to Comply

Click below for resources on how to comply with the WPS which was effective on January 2, 2017.  This regulation applies to ag retailers who employ handlers of pesticides.  

Dicamba Stewardship Poster

Help promote pesticide stewardship on this new crop protection technology by following the "do's and don'ts" in this IFCA poster.  

New IL Ammonia Rules & Compliance Guide

New rules for anhydrous ammonia facilities are effective July 1, 2016.  Click below for the new rules and a compliance guide from IFCA.

Restricted CDL For Transporting Ammonia Nurse Tanks

Click below for the application form to the IL Sec of State to obtain a restricted CDL for transporting ammonia nurse tanks.  

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USDA forecasts bean acres will grow to 88 million acres(up 5.5%), while corn planting will be 90 million acres(down…
Is February a Good Time to Apply Nitrogen in Illinois? IFCA's Dan Schaefer is researching the issue.
IFCA's Jean Payne talks how to use dicamba legally/successfully. IFCA has poster on do’s and don’ts of dicamba use.
First day of NH3 training in Mendota. Still time to register for remaining NH3 schools. Visit…
Reminder: March 9 at 7:15 at the Sangamo Club in Springfield is @ILFERTCHEM @GRAINANDFEED and ISTA legislative brea…


Soybean acres will gain on corn this planting season because the price ratio for soybeans is projected at 2.6 times compared to corn. In a broader perspective, USDA projects higher production and higher exports but lower overall income for farmers in 2017.
The unseasonably warm and dry weather we have had during February this year has a lot of people applying ammonia, and others considering it. This raises the question of whether or not February is a…
Commentary: New dicamba herbicides have to be managed well. IFCA offers a new poster with the do’s and don’ts of dicamba use.

Keep It 4R Crop Twitter

Is your fall applied N still in good shape? Should you stabilize early spring NH3? Find answers from UI here
4R Update! NREC research compares fall ammonia with and without N-Serve; UI recommends N-Serve on early ammonia:
It's February but feels like Spring! Protect your early spring applied ammonia with N-Serve, here's why:
Did late applied nitrogen in 2016--did it pay off? Find out here from NREC funded on-farm research
University of IL and IFCA develop Maximum Return to Nitrogen (MRTN) for Lake Springfield watershed. Coming soon to the MRTN calculator!