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Updated Sep 21, 2023

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4R Field Day September 7th

Join us out at Eric Miller's farm in Piatt County September 7th for a 4R Field Day covering all aspects of cover crops and the best management practices currently in operation at the farm. Click the attached agenda to see what will be discussed and for the address. Email Jason at to register. Look forward to seeing you out there!

Annual National Agronomic, Environmental, Health & Safety School

The annual National Agronomic, Environmental, Health & Safety School will be held August 22-23, 2023, in Bloomington, Illinois at the Asmark Institute Agricenter. Now in its 45th year, the safety school is the premier event for ag EH&S professionals. The day and a half meeting provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into a host of regulatory topics facing the industry. Each year ...more

Pesticide Container Recycling Program

The Illinois Department of Agriculture annually cooperates with various segments of the agrichemical industry to operate a plastic pesticide container-recycling program. This year's schedule runs from 7/17/23 through 8/7/23. For more information on the recycling program schedule, click here. For more information on the program in general, click here to be relocated to IDOA's website, where you can learn about the program. ...more

Corteva Chlorpyrifos Return Policy

Corteva Agriscience is announcing a return and credit process for channel-owned inventory of chlorpyrifos brands. In August 2021, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it would revoke all tolerances for Chlorpyrifos, which establishes the amount of a pesticide that is allowed on food. The Final Rule was effective October 29, 2021, with tolerances for all commodities expiring on February 28, 2022. Please click here to view ...more

IFCA "News Under the Dome" End of Session Report

IFCA had another successful year at the Illinois state capitol this spring session. We were able to hold off any harmful legislation that might directly affect the industry negatively.  Below are some of the most important legislations that IFCA was monitoring this spring session. A total of 6,689 pieces of legislation were introduced in both the House and Senate this spring, 565 passed both chambers: ...more

Foods Safety Groups Want Dicamba Registration Pulled

Food safety groups asked a federal judge in Arizona at the end of April to vacate the dicamba registrations of Bayer's XtendiMax herbicide, BASF's Engenia and Syngenta's Tavium, in an ongoing legal battle that could determine how or if the products can be used. The case is unlikely to affect the dicamba's availability for the upcoming growing season, because briefing schedules ...more

Wheel, Axle Loads and Gross Weights

Please be aware that during spring planting season and fall harvest, Illinois State Police will be setting up portable scales. Most recently we received notification from our members that had received fines related to exceeding axle limits. All roads in Illinois have standardized weight limits based on the Federal Bridge Formula. The Federal bridge formula allows 20,000# per single axle, 34,000# per tandem axle, ...more

Spring 2023 IFCA Newsletter

Click the heading above to read the Spring 2023 IFCA Newsletter.

IFCA’s Best Management Practices (BMP) to Reduce Spray Drift This Spring Season

IFCA understands the pressure our industry faces this spring when planters start rolling and weather conditions are not ideal. It is important that we remain focused on implementing good stewardship practices while preventing legislative proposals and additional regulations. The public is watching us very closely!   These recommendations for spraying should be practiced to accomplish effective spray applications in the field according to label ...more

Reminder About Custom Blending Regulations

This week, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sent out a Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Compliance Advisory regarding custom blending. This encompasses blending pesticides with other pesticides, pesticides with fertilizer, and pesticides with feed.   There are no new regulations, but it is meant to clarify the existing regulations for those who custom blend. The information is below:   Definition: A custom ...more

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Wrapping up Fall Ammonia Safety training week in Rock Falls this morning. If you missed the training, one more remaining class will be held in Bloomington October 02 at the Asmark Agricenter. You can still register at:
Galesburg Ammonia Safety training today. Brett Langley with IDOA goes over proper installation of the NH3 break-away coupler on application equipment.
Ammonia Safety Training in Chatham today. John Rebholz with IFCA is presenting information on NH3 transportation & application safety.
Ammonia Safety Training Week. Jason Solberg with IFCA kicks off fall ammonia training at the Asmark Agricenter in Bloomington.