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Did you miss the Getting Fall Fertilizer Right Webinar?

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On Tuesday, October 26th, IFCA held a public webinar to address the concerns for Fall Application of Fertilizer amidst all the recent rains here in Illinois. In an effort to educate our members, we asked Emerson Nafziger from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to share his insights and discuss advice for this upcoming post-harvest season.

IFCA has made available
the Slideshow Presentation from the webinar.


Updated Nov 27, 2021

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ELDT Webinar Recording

Did you miss the ELDT Webinar? View the Webinar Recording On Tuesday, July 13th, IFCA held a public webinar to address the many calls and in person conversations with our members regarding FMCSA's Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT). In an effort to educate our members, we asked Kevin Duesterhaus from the Illinois Secretary of State and Dan Meyer from FMCSA to discuss the upcoming ...more

UI Bulletin: Fall Field Work Following a Wet October

With several inches of rainfall across the state of Illinois in the month of October, many decisions need to be made regarding any crop left to be harvested, nitrogen applciations and fall tillage.  Click the heading above to read Dr. Nafziger's latest FarmDoc Bulletin to learn more about the factors at play when making these decisions.

2021-2022 IFCA Scholarships

At the IFCA annual meeting on January 29, 2022 in Peoria we will award four $1,000 scholarships to 4-year or Jr College students who are pursuing their education for a career in our industry.  We ask that all applications be returned to IFCA by December 17, 2021.  Links for the blank application provided below:

UI Bulletin: Notes as Fall Harvest Continues

Click the heading above to be redirected to Dr. Nafziger’s latest bulletin article, highlighting harvest losses, nitrogen application and tillage.

UI Bulletin: Fertilizer Decisions, Fall 2021

Dr. Emerson Nafziger recently posted a new Bulletin titled "Fertilizer Decisions, Fall 2021”.  This written article details the current state of fertilizer prices, the effect this has on the MRTN rate, as well as soil temperatures ahead of the fall anhydrous ammonia season.  

Restricted B Drivers Not Required to Take ELDT

IFCA is pleased to inform our members that Restricted B Drivers will not be required to complete Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT).  Restricted B Drivers are considered restricted/seasonal and therefore not subject to the required training.  Click the heading above for a PDF that shows the issue being covered in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  More information ...more

Crop Bulletin: Wet Soils and Corn

Pesticide Container Recycling Program

IDA's 2021 Pesticide Container Recycling Program begins July 22nd in southern IL counties and travels upstate through August 11th.  The program consists of single-day collection sites at agrichemical facilities for which people can bring their empty, rinsed plastic pesticide containers.  Please click the heading to view the site-collection schedule and general information on the program.

Pesticide Clean Sweep Program

Not sure what to do with unwanted or unknown pesticides found in your shed?  The IL Dept of Ag "Clean Sweep" program was created as a way to safely dispose of these pesticides.  There is no charge to bring these unwanted pesticides to the Clean Sweep event, but you must pre-register with and be approved of by IDA prior to bringing ...more

IDOA Updates Dicamba "Frequently Asked Questions" Document

The Illinois Department of Agriculture issued a "Frequently Asked Questions" document detailing the specific requirments, both old and new, regarding the use of Xtendimax, Engenia and Tavium OTT on soybean for the upcoming 2021 season.  Click the title heading to view this document.

Dicamba: Illinois Nature Preserves Commission Sites

Click the heading above to be redirected to IDNR's webpage, which displays the nature preserves commission sites.  Applications of dicamba OTT to soybean cannot be made if the wind is blowing towards an adjacent field that is considered a nature preserves commision site.

IDOA Pesticide Registration Tool

Need to check the registration status of a particular pesticide product?  Simply click the title heading to be redirected to the Illinois Department of Agriculture's website.  There you can type in the name of a product into the search feature to view results such as the registration number/status, active ingredients, expiration date, as well as other important information.  

CEU Opportunities for Crop Advisors

One of the impacts of canceled conferences, shows, field days, and meetings has been the shortage of CEU opportunities for Crop Advisors. If you are a Certified Crop Advisor in need of CEU's, or just interested in attending online conferences or webinars providing information impacting our industry, we encourage you to go through the document below that contains information and ...more

Final Rules on Farmer NH3 Training Published

New rules in Illinois require farmers or those working on their behalf to be certified in order to transport, apply or work on ammonia equipment.  The rules, frequently asked questions and qualifcations for trainers are below.  Contact IFCA with questions.    

IL Dicamba 24a Label Requirements for 2021

Pesticide Training & Testing (On-Line and In-Person Testing)

The UI and IDA are offering on-line training and testing, with the opportunity for some in-person testing.  Click on the heading above to be directed to the UI's Pesticide Training & Testing website for more information about training/testing opportunities.  

Getting Nitrogen Right Spring Webinar

IFCA Winter 2021 Newsletter

Vaccine Rollout for 1B Essential Workers - Steps to Follow

IFCA has been in contact with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) regarding the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine to ag essential workers.  Ag essential workers are in Phase 1B of the state's plan.  IEMA informed IFCA that Phase 1B for essential workers will begin on January 25th.    Based on our conversations with IEMA, IFCA recommends you take these ...more

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Illinois Soil Temperatures

  Today we are featuring yesterday's 4 inch bare soil temps at noon.  

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