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Click on the video to watch teh CropLife Interview. Eric Sfiligoj hosts the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association President to discuss MAGIE and key ag issues in the Land of Lincoln.


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Updated May 22, 2024

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There are only a few more days to submit a nomination for a Custom Applicator.  Please submit a form TODAY so those applicators that go above and beyond don’t miss the chance to be a 2024 finalist.   There is no limit to the number of nominations a nominator can submit, but each must be a different custom applicator. We will not accept ...more

Cleaning Spray Equipment

With pesticide application season still underway in terms of herbicide, fungicide and insecticide treatments, IFCA would like to remind everyone that cleaning your spray equipment must be done over operational area containment. It is a violation of the Part 255 Containment Rules to wash application equipment over gravel or any other area of your facility.  The rules state:   Cleaning and washing of agrichemical residue ...more

AASA Inspecting Illinois Retailers with Bulk Pesticides this Summer

This summer the American Agronomic Stewardship Alliance (AASA) will be inspecting bulk pesticide facilities in Illinois to help ag retailers assure compliance with the USEPA regulations governing bulk pesticide storage, containment, and repackaging.  Bulk pesticide storage is defined as any stationary storage tank, over 500 gallons, which holds herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or other ag chemicals with a USEPA product registration number.    The AASA ...more

IFCA's "News Under the Dome" Mid-Session Review

Last Friday was the deadline to get a bill that originated in the House off of the House floor and move to the Senate. The house worked extra hours last week to try and get as many bills over to the Senate as possible. There were 9,751 bills introduced this spring session. IFCA is watching more than two hundred pieces of legislation that could have ...more

Ammonia Nurse Tank Transportation Safety Reminders

IFCA has recently received questions regarding rules for transportation of nurse tanks on roadways. Click here to read a document IFCA produced that covers requirements when hauling nurse tanks to and from the field.

Reminder About Custom Blending Regulations

IFCA wants to reminder our members that US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) passed out a Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Compliance Advisory regarding custom blending. This encompasses blending pesticides with other pesticides, pesticides with fertilizer, and pesticides with feed.   There are no new regulations, but it is meant to clarify the existing regulations for those who custom blend. The information is ...more

Illinois Dicamba Label and Recordkeeping

As we enter the 2024 season here in Illinois, IFCA wants to remind all members that the restrictions for dicamba use on soybeans by the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) are the same restrictions required in 2023. Dicamba label training is still required every year prior to applying dicamba over-the-top of soybeans. You can complete any one of the three trainings for dicamba application to soybeans ...more

EPA Publishes Update on Herbicide Strategy Progress

On Tuesday EPA released an updated Herbicide Strategy that appears to take in consideration the concerns raised by IFCA and other agricultural stakeholders. The agency has been under pressure from the courts to comply with a feature of the Endangered Species Act that requires EPA to consult with the Fish and Wildlife Service and/or National Marine Fisheries Service to avoid harm to federally listed ...more

2024 Pesticide Container Recycling Program

The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) is again coordinating the annual pesticide container recycling program this year. The 2024 program will run from July 17th through August 7th, where IDOA will accept clean, triple rinsed containers and will also accept clean, cut-up mini-bulk containers. For any questions regarding the IDA recycling program, please contact Rick Severns at IDA at 217-785-2427 or call the IFCA ...more

Reminder: Know Your Customers on Any Sale of Fuel, Fertilizer or Crop Protection Products

Earlier this spring, one of our members received a phone call from an unknown individual requesting to purchase fertilizer over the phone. The individual in question wanted to purchase a rather large amount of fertilizer and was willing to provide payment over the phone.  This individual would not provide any details on the intended use and made several follow-up phone calls trying to convince ...more

Upcoming Events


IFCA Regulatory group meeting today at the Asmark Agricenter. Great discussion along with informative speakers.
The IFCA staff had a great week up in Madison, Wisconsin for our spring state association meeting. This is a great meeting for all the state associations to balance ideas off of each other. Thanks to Tom and Grace at the Wisconsin Agribusiness Association for hosting us.
IFCAPresident KJ Johnson gives an update from the Illinois state capitol today regarding what might happen this week in springfield. He also talks about IFCA's 2024 Custom Applicator of the Year Award and pesticide recycling.
IDOA recently announced the 2024 schedule for the agrichemical container recycling program. The program is free and runs from July 17-August 7. Click the following link to read more on the program and view the schedule: