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Updated Feb 17, 2020

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Illinois Dicamba Labels 2020

Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council

Paraquat Label Changes & Training Requirements

New paraquat labels will appear starting November 14, 2019 and require anyone who applies the newly labeled products to be certified applicators and also take paraquat label training.  Syngenta has prepared an explanation of the new requirement, click on the document below.  To access the on-line paraquat training, click on this link:

Fall 2019 IFCA Newsletter

We recently mailed our Fall 2019 Newsletter to roughly 1,100 members statewide. The newsletter covers many important topics currently impacting our industry. Regulatory, pesticide and legislative updates are provided within the newsletter, as well as our Chairman's Report and 'Member Spotlight' article. Please click the link below to read.

New Version of Cover Crop Guide

NREC recently updated its Cover Crop Guide, including more guidance based on research performed on Illinois farms.  Please click on the link provided to read over the new version of the cover crop guide, "Considering Cover Crops? - Let this guide be your guide to success"

New Law Removes License Plates on Fertilizer Trailers, Floaters on Jan 1, 2020

New IL Ammonia Rules & Compliance Guide

There are several important compliance requirements for Illinois ammonia facilities and nurse tanks that go into effect on December 31, 2020. Click below to view the NH3 Rules Compliance Guide or to download the regulations (8 IL Adm Code Part 215).

Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

On November 2015 USEPA revised the worker protection standards to implement more protection for agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. Most of the revised WPS standards became effective on January 2018.  The WPS requires commercial pesticide handler employers to provide specific information and protections to workers, handlers when WPS-labeled pesticide products are used on agricultural establishments in the production of agricultural plants.  Additional resources on Worker ...more

Illinois MRTN Guide, Apple App and Video Below

Uniform Carrier Registration

Applicator Training Course

The Applicator Training Course is up and running in Bloomington, IL.  Asmark in collaboration with AGCO developed the course for new applicators with less than five years’ experience.  Click here to see a video of the obstacle course along with information on registering for the course.    

NTIP Markings for Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tanks

There may be some confusion on markings on nurse tanks that are enrolled into the NTIP program.  The DOT-SP 13554 is no longer required as a marking on the side of the nurse tanks.  Click below for examples of current markings that are acceptable and markings that would be considered a violation. 

Restricted CDL For Transporting Ammonia Nurse Tanks

Click below for the application form to the IL Sec of State to obtain a restricted CDL for transporting ammonia nurse tanks.  

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Illinois Soil Temperatures

  Today we are featuring yesterday's 4 inch bare soil temps at noon.  
WARM map displaying temperature data throughout the state (also see table below)

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Thanks to @RepBost for meeting with IFCA and other ag retailers yesterday in Washington DC. We thanked him for is…
Another good hill visit with @RodneyDavis today. IFCA thanked the congressman for is support for #USMCA and everyt…
IFCA KJ Johnson had the chance to see @RepLaHood in DC this morning. IFCA wanted to thank the Congressman for all…
IFCA would like to thank @RepKinzinger for meeting with Illinois ag retailers and fertilizer manufacturers about…
IFCA is starting office the morning in Washington DC with legislative updates from @AgRetailers, @Fertilizer_Inst a…


Thanks to Congressman Mike Bost for meeting with IFCA and other ag retailers yesterday in Washington DC. We thanked him for his support for #USMCA. We also discussed the cdl driver shortage and broadband internet in rural America. #agretailers #agretail #friendofag #Fertilizer
IFCA KJ Johnson had the chance to see Congressman LaHood in DC this morning. IFCA wanted to thank the Congressman for all his support to Illinois agriculture and passage of #USMCA. Congressman LaHood received IFCA "Friend of Ag" award a few weeks ago in Peoria. #friendofag
IFCA would like to thank Rep Kinzinger for meeting with Illinois ag retailers and fertilizer manufacturers about transportation issues, CFATS, USMCA, crop protection products and broadband internet. #agretailers #agretail
IFCA staff is starting off this morning in Washington DC with legislative updates from Ag Retailers, Fertilizer Institute and Croplife America before heading to Capitol Hill. Most of the discussion was around #trade, #Transportation, #CFATS and rural broadband. #agretailers #Fertilizer
IFCA Jean Payne and KJ Johnson are in Washington DC this week for the Ag Retailers Association Winter Fly-In and board meeting. This morning the group heard from USTR Ambassador Gregg Doud about USMCA and other trade issues. #Fertilizer #agretailers #agretail #USTR #agriculture #ag

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