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Updated Feb 27, 2021

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CEU Opportunities for Crop Advisors

One of the impacts of canceled conferences, shows, field days, and meetings has been the shortage of CEU opportunities for Crop Advisors. If you are a Certified Crop Advisor in need of CEU's, or just interested in attending online conferences or webinars providing information impacting our industry, we encourage you to go through the document below that contains information and ...more

IFCA Winter 2021 Newsletter

Final Rules on Farmer NH3 Training Published

New rules in Illinois require farmers or those working on their behalf to be certified in order to transport, apply or work on ammonia equipment.  The rules, frequently asked questions and qualifcations for trainers are below.  Contact IFCA with questions.    

Free Nitrogen Webinar: Getting Nitrogen Right

On Friday, February 26 at 9:00 am Central Time, Dr. Emerson Nafziger will have a one-hour webinar covering the 2020 Nrate results as well as spring nitrogen management for the upcoming 2021 season.  To register, please click the above heading.  The webinar will be offering 1 CEU in the form of .5 NM and .5 SW.  IFCA would like to thank NREC for ...more

Vaccine Rollout for 1B Essential Workers - Steps to Follow

IFCA has been in contact with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) regarding the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine to ag essential workers.  Ag essential workers are in Phase 1B of the state's plan.  IEMA informed IFCA that Phase 1B for essential workers will begin on January 25th.    Based on our conversations with IEMA, IFCA recommends you take these ...more

New! Pesticide Training & Testing (On-Line and In-Person Testing)

The UI and IDA are offering on-line training and testing, with the opportunity for some in-person testing.  Click on the heading above to be directed to the UI's Pesticide Training & Testing website for more information about training/testing opportunities.  

COVID Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

With the rollout of the COVID vaccines, the Illinois Department of Public Health created a "Frequently Asked Questions" document.  Within the document you will find answers to questions regarding vaccine availability, requirements/mandates, safety, and other common questions.  Please click the PDF below to learn more.

Illinois MRTN Guide, Apple App and Video Below

NH3 Safety Checklist for Growers

The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) has an informative checklist for growers to serve as a reminder to keep safety in mind when handling anhydrous ammonia.

Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council

New Version of Cover Crop Guide

NREC recently updated its Cover Crop Guide, including more guidance based on research performed on Illinois farms.  Please click on the link provided to read over the new version of the cover crop guide, "Considering Cover Crops? - Let this guide be your guide to success"

New Law Removes License Plates on Fertilizer Trailers, Floaters on Jan 1, 2020

New IL Ammonia Rules & Compliance Guide

There are several important compliance requirements for Illinois ammonia facilities and nurse tanks that go into effect on December 31, 2020. Click below to view the NH3 Rules Compliance Guide or to download the regulations (8 IL Adm Code Part 215).

Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

On November 2015 USEPA revised the worker protection standards to implement more protection for agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. Most of the revised WPS standards became effective on January 2018.  The WPS requires commercial pesticide handler employers to provide specific information and protections to workers, handlers when WPS-labeled pesticide products are used on agricultural establishments in the production of agricultural plants.  Additional resources on Worker ...more

Uniform Carrier Registration

NTIP Markings for Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tanks

There may be some confusion on markings on nurse tanks that are enrolled into the NTIP program.  The DOT-SP 13554 is no longer required as a marking on the side of the nurse tanks.  Click below for examples of current markings that are acceptable and markings that would be considered a violation. 

IFCA Twitter

US EPA has issued rules allowing #dicamba to be used on #soybeans again this season. @ILAgriculture has some additi…
Looking for free CEU’s? Click to register for tomorrow’s PCM webinar on economics and tilla…
John Rebholz, IFCA's Director of Safety and Education, is in Effingham this morning covering #anhydrous #ammonia sa…
In person pesticide testing is available at various locations through-out the state. Social distancing will be in e…
IFCA's John Rebholz / Jason Solberg are teaching the "Train the Trainer" course on #anhydrous #ammonia today at the…


U.S. EPA has issued rules allowing dicamba to be used on soybeans again this season. Illinois Dept of Ag has some additional restrictions. U of I's Aaron Hager talks to Todd Gleason about the new restrictions. Listen here:
Looking for free CEU’s? Click to register for tomorrow’s PCM webinar on economics and tillage; and click to register for Dr. Nafziger’s webinar this Friday on nitrogen management.
John Rebholz, IFCA's Director of Safety and Education, is in Effingham, IL this morning covering anhydrous ammonia safety during a 'Train the Trainer' session for upcoming in-person NH3 Grower Training.
In person pesticide testing is available at various locations through-out the state. Social distancing will be in effect at all venues, you must pre-register to attend as no walk-ins will be allowed. More details here:
IFCA's John Rebholz and Jason Solberg are teaching the "Train the Trainer" course on anhydrous ammonia today at the Asmark Institute Agricenter. These individuals will then train growers on ammonia safety.

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Stay in Place, but read the latest nitrogen management and rate recommendations from UI here:…
Join us March 20 at 9 am CST for a Spring Nitrogen webinar. 1 CEU in NM for those who participate. This webinar i…
The risk of phosphorus loss from fields increases when P is applied to frozen or snow-covered soils. The graph her…
Wondering about the timing of fall applied nitrogen? Today Dr. Nafziger at the University of Illinois published a…
Ready to sidedress late planted corn? Get fresh advice on N source and rate from UI in this June 7 Bulletin: