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Updated May 23, 2017

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NTIP Markings for Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tanks

There may be some confusion on markings on nurse tanks that are enrolled into the NTIP program.  The DOT-SP 13554 is no longer required as a marking on the side of the nurse tanks.  Click below for examples of current markings that are acceptable and markings that would be considered a violation. 

Dicamba Stewardship Poster

Help promote pesticide stewardship on this new crop protection technology by following the "do's and don'ts" in this IFCA poster.  

Lake Vermilion Partners Update

Click below for an update on the status of 4R projects to reduce nitrate levels in the Lake.

Spring Nitrogen Management Webinar & MRTN Updates

Click this link or paste it into your brower for a Spring Nitrogen Management Webinar from Dr. Nafziger @ the UI.  The Illinois Maximum Return to Nitrogen (MRTN) site has also been updated including a new Illinois map, available at this link:  An April 13, 2017 UI bulletin explaining nitrogen research results in detail is available at

Worker Protection Standard - How to Comply

Click below for resources on how to comply with the WPS which was effective on January 2, 2017.  This regulation applies to ag retailers who employ handlers of pesticides.  

New IL Ammonia Rules & Compliance Guide

New rules for anhydrous ammonia facilities are effective July 1, 2016.  Click below for the new rules and a compliance guide from IFCA.

Restricted CDL For Transporting Ammonia Nurse Tanks

Click below for the application form to the IL Sec of State to obtain a restricted CDL for transporting ammonia nurse tanks.  

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Here is how the Senate voted on the revenue bill.
Senate approves tax hike package(SB 9)on a 32-26 vote. It would generate 5.4 billion dollars in new revenue. It now moves to the House.
Illinois Senate Democrats poised to vote on major tax hikes Tuesday.
Illinois Senate delays votes on sticky ‘grand bargain’ bills.
Illinois Senate begins to vote on grand bargain bills.


Here is how the Senate voted on the revenue bill.
Illinois Senate Democrats are poised to vote on an income tax hike and expansion of the sales tax Tuesday.
Illinois Senate negotiators continued to work Thursday on a comprehensive spending and revenue plan, a day after the Senate failed to move along
Illinois Senate Democrats have scheduled votes for measures in the so-called "grand bargain'' budget compromise. Assistant Majority Leader Donne Trotter of

Keep It 4R Crop Twitter

NREC research reveals status of nitrogen after rain and cool weather. Do you need to add more or not? Read here
Corn following cereal rye: IFCA's Jason Solberg applies final N treatment today (NH3) at this NREC research site…
"It would be premature to predict the loss of fall applied N at this point." See today's nitrogen bulletin from UI:
IFCA's Keep it 4R Crop Program plants into differing heights of cover crops this week at @IllinoisNrec research sit…
In mid April the best cover crop is a dead or dying one--IFCA 4R Crop is assisting NREC on termination study at thi…