Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: Only three dicamba products are approved for use on soybeans in Illinois:
  • Engenia (BASF is the registrant)
  • XtendiMax with Vapor Grip Technology (Bayer is the registrant)
  • FeXapan with Vapor Grip Technology (DuPont is the registrant)
  • Tavium (Syngenta is the registrant)
These products are Restricted Use Pesticides and can only be purchased and used by certified applicators (private applicators and commercial applicators).  The certified applicator is the only person who can apply; no longer can someone apply these products working under the supervision of the certified applicator.  Licensed commercial operators must take and pass the field crops exam and be licensed by the State of Illinois as a Commercial Pesticide Applicator in order to be certified to apply these products in 2019.  Anyone applying as a private applicator must have a current private applicator license issued by the State of Illinois.  
Click here to see how the Illinois Pesticide Act and USEPA defines "certified applicators."  
The University of Illinois Pesticide Safety Education Program provides training on the general standards exam, the field crops exam and the private applicator exam.  To learn more about the pesticide training clinics and testing program, the dates and locations of the training, and information on ordering study materials and registering for the clinics, go to:

Who needs dicamba specific training?

Prior to applying any of these three dicamba products, a certified applicator must complete dicamba specific training. This training requirement applies to applications made to soybeans, and to applications on any other crops listed on these product labels.

Do I need to complete training before I purchase these products?

Certified applicators (both private and commercial) do not need to complete training to purchase the products, but you must complete training before applying the products. 

What type of dicamba training materials will be accepted in Illinois?

The registrants of the products (Bayer, BASF,  DuPont/Corteva and Syngenta) are providing dicamba specific training classroom, webinars and on-line tutorials.  Classroom training for the 2019 application season is complete but on-line training is available on the "home" portion of this website.