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Aerial Application Regulations

Agrichemical Containment Regulations

Click the document below for the Part 255 Illinois Department of Agriculture containment regulations for the bulk storage and handling of fertilizers and pesticides for commercial, non-commercial and on-farm facilities.  

Calculate Pesticide Storage Tank Buoyancy

Enlist Herbicides: Hazmat Transportation Guidance

Corteva Agriscience has developed a DOT compliance guide that explains the regulations that govern the transportation of Enlist One and Enlist Duo herbicides.  These herbicides are DOT regulated as an "Environmentally Hazardous Substance" and in certain quantities there are marking, placarding, shipping paper and load securement requirements.     The DOT guidance document is here.  When transporting Enlist containers on your ag retail vehicles, or when offering the containers to farmers, many of the requirements outlined in the guidance document will apply.  IFCA thanks Corteva for their outreach and education to ...

IDOA Pesticide Registration Tool

Need to check the registration status of a particular pesticide product?  Simply click the title heading to be redirected to the Illinois Department of Agriculture's website.  There you can type in the name of a product into the search feature to view results such as the registration number/status, active ingredients, expiration date, as well as other important information.  

If a Farmer Owns A Minibulk

We've been getting calls asking how the new USEPA rules apply to farmers who own their own minibulks.  If this is the case, and the farmer asks you to refill their minibulk, the minibulk must meet all the requirements of the new rule including:  it must be a DOT approved package, the tank must be on the registrant's approved list of packages, it must have a unique identification number, contain one-way valves or tamper evident devices, and retesting is required every 2.5 years from date of manufacture. The tank must also be properly labeled for the product ...

Illinois Pesticide Act

Click the heading to view the Illinois Pesticide Act.

Illinois Pesticide Act Penalties

This document outlines the penalty process and the various fines for violations of the Illinois Pesticide Act.  

Information on NPDES Pesticide Permit for Application to Water

Click on the heading to access the instructions for getting a NPDES pesticide permit from Illinois EPA.   

Land Application Program Rules (Part 258)

Minibulk Testing

Pesticide Container Recycling Program

The Illinois Department of Agriculture annually cooperates with various segments of the agrichemical industry to operate a plastic pesticide container-recycling program. For more information on the recycling program schedule, click here. For more information on the program in general, click here to be relocated to IDOA's website, where you can learn about the program. IDOA's press release can be found here.

Pesticide Disposal Companies List

On several occasions IFCA receives phone calls from our members seeking companies that offer pesticide or hazardous waste disposal.  We have updated a list of those companies that offer fee-based pesticide disposal.  To access the list, please click here.

Pesticide Stewardship

Click the title heading above to be redirected to  The website provides several resources that have been reviewed and posted by Pestcide Safety Education Program Coordinators and Specialists from the Cooperative Extension Service, and cover all things pertaining to sound pesticide application.

Portable Fillable Containers or Service Containers?

Click the heading above for a chart that explains the difference between a "service container" and a "Portable Refillable Container."

Reminder About Custom Blending Regulations

IFCA wants to reminder our members that US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) passed out a Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Compliance Advisory regarding custom blending. This encompasses blending pesticides with other pesticides, pesticides with fertilizer, and pesticides with feed.   There are no new regulations, but it is meant to clarify the existing regulations for those who custom blend. The information is below:   Definition: A custom blender is any establishment which provides the service of mixing registered pesticides to a customer’s specifications, specifically, a pesticide-pesticide, pesticide-fertilizer, or pesticide-animal feed mixture. Custom blending means the ...

Worker Protection Standard - How to Comply

Click below for resources on how to comply with the WPS which was initially effective on January 2, 2017 but has been temporarily delayed.  This regulation applies to ag retailers who employ handlers of pesticides.  

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