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CDL Medical Card Reminder

Effective January 30, 2012, all drivers applying for an Illinois CDL for the first time and all current CDL holders renewing, upgrading or replacing their CDL must visit a CDL facility to declare your driver category. The purpose of this new requirement is to create a national medical certificate data base for interstate motor carriers. If you are not a first time CDL holder and your license does not expire until after January 30, 2014, you must appear in person at one of the 47 Illinois CDL facilities prior to January 30, 2014 to declare one of the following categories:
1. Non-excepted interstate driver (NI)
2. Excepted interstate driver (EI)
3. Non-excepted intrastate driver (NA)
4. Excepted intrastate driver (EA)
Only people who mark non-excepted interstate (NI) will be required to submit their DOT Medical information to the SOS office. Keep in mind, all law enforcement officials in the U.S. will have access to the category you declare. If you are caught in an interstate operation and you chose category 2-4 you will be considered medically out of compliance.  If you have any questions, please contact the IFCA office.