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More Good News (Not) From Springfield

Last week the Governor’s staff called a conference with agriculture and environmental groups to inform us that we face budget cuts yet again.  They are threatening more cuts to 4-H, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, C-FAR and the operating budgets at the Dept of Ag, EPA and DNR if we don’t voice support for the Governor’s proposal to sweep all the state’s special funds, sell the lottery and issue more bonding (borrowing) authority.  There are serious cuts to education, transportation and social service programs as well.  IFCA does not support sweeping special funds because the Pesticide Control Fund, Fertilizer Control Fund, underground storage tank fund and others exist to help administer the regulatory programs at the state agencies.  Not to mention the road fund, which was supposed to go toward roads but continues to be diverted to other programs.  No one knows what’s next, the legislature has shown little interest in returning to Springfield to deal with a $2 billion shortfall in the budget and the state’s budget year ends on July 9th.  It's another stalemate.  Stay tuned.