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New Hope for Locks and Dams

The US House approved legislation this week (H.R. 3080) on a 417-3 vote to re-authorize the US Army Corps of Engineers to develop, maintain and support the nation's vital ports and waterways infrastructure needs, as well as support flood protection and environmental restoration needs.  The US ag industry uses close to 70 million tons of fertilizer each year, much of which travels through the US ports and the inland river system.  The US Senate passed similar legislation back in May; the Senate and House will now go to conference committee in the coming weeks to resolve any differences in the bills and move forward with one bill to send to President Obama.  IFCA has long supported the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) as have a large coalition of ag groups, business groups and the construction industry.  It has taken nearly 20 years to get to this point, and finally it appears our water infrastructure systems in the US are going to get the attention they so desperately need to assure vital commerce in our country.