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New USEPA Rules for Pesticide Containment & Containers

The USEPA has enacted new regulations that require containment for the storage of bulk pesticides.  While states like Illinois and many in the Midwest already have state containment regulations, many states do not and therefore this will require many dealers in the country to construct containment and load-out facilities that meet USEPA standards.  New requirements for the filling and storage of Portable Refillable Containers or mini-bulks is also included in the rule.  Again, Illinois is in good shape regarding compliance with this new federal law, but there will be some changes in the coming years including the requirement for all mini-bulks to be stamped with a unique ID #.  The American Agronomic Stewardship Alliance (AASA), which conducts bulk pesticide inspections on behalf of the pesticide manufacturers, has developed an easy-to-read brochure on the new USEPA containment requirements.  IFCA administers the AASA program and we have the brochure posted on the IFCA home page.  Take a look, and as you do, be thankful that IFCA and IDA had the vision years ago to adopt state containment regulations which have kept us ahead of the curve with regard to federal regulations on pesticide stewardship.