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More Interest in On Farm Storage

Both IFCA and the Dept of Ag have received phone calls recently inquiring about the on-farm storage of fertilizer.  Price, supply and the inability to get product applied this spring in some parts of the state seem to be causing the interest in storing product on the farm.  The Illinois Pesticide Act requires that storage of more 50,000 lbs of dry fertilizer or 5,000 gallons of liquid fertilizer be in a permitted containment facility.  It is a violation of the Pesticide Act with fines of $500 per day for farmers to store these amounts on the farm for more than 45 days in a facility that is not approved by the IDA.  Dealers must also play a stewardship role and should not knowingly deliver product into a facility that is not permitted for containment.  The IL Dept of Ag and the IL Attorney General have taken enforcement action in the past on violations of this regulation.  For a concise explanation of the on-farm containment requirements and how to comply, go to, click on Regulations and click on Fertilizer to download a brochure explaining the on-farm containment regulations or call IFCA.