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Nurse Tank Accident Brochures

IFCA has developed a full size color brochure that takes a hard look at actual accidents that occurred in the spring of 2010 with ammonia transportation and application. 

The brochure describes numerous incidents, the county in which they occurred, has color photos, and for each incident makes specific recommendation on how they could have been prevented.  We are distributing the brochure at the fall ammonia safety schools and the brochure is also posted on the IFCA website. 

If you would like copies of the brochure to share with your employees and your customers, please call us at 309.827.2774 and let us know how many copies you need.  We put together this brochure with the help of the Illinois Department of Agriculture, and an IFCA industry committee also reviewed the content.  Illinois Farm Bureau is also supporting the distribution of this brochure to help raise awareness among farmers who apply ammonia.  Please be safe this fall, and use the brochure to help in this mission.