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Conditions Signal Start of Fall Ammonia Season - UI Guidance

Dr. Emerson Nafziger, Professor Emeritus University of Illinois, released a Bulletin late in the afternoon on October 26, outlining the process of fall anhydrous ammonia application and considerations to follow for the beginning of this fall's nitrogen application season.  To see the Bulletin click on this link or download a PDF of the Bulletin here.  
In the Bulletin, Dr. Nafziger explains soil temperature trends in October, the importance of soils being below 50 degrees and trending colder, the role of nitrification inhibitors, and rate recommendations for nitrogen for the 2021 corn crop.  If you plan to apply ammonia in the fall, he suggests keeping some of your N rate for application in the spring to provide flexibility on nitrogen management.  
IFCA thanks Dr. Nafziger for his guidance on the proper time to begin ammonia application.  Please also take all proper safety precautions in transporting and applying ammonia, and be sure to be ready to make the proper notifications to emergency responders if you have an ammonia release.  The required emergency response procedures are outlined here.  
If you have employees working with ammonia in any way in ag retail or a related service industry, they are required to take Certified Competent Attendant training at least once every 3 years.  This fall that training is available on-line; click here to be directed to the on-line training program, which will provide training and a certificate to get you certified if you are due for re-certification or have new employees needing training this fall season. 
IFCA and IDA hope to return to classroom training for ammonia safety in the spring of 2021, and farmer training for handling ammonia will also be required starting next year.  Stay tuned for more information from IDA and IFCA on the farmer training requirement.  If you have any questions about ammonia rules or safety, please call IFCA at 309.827.2774.