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USDOT Conducting HAZMAT Audits

IFCA received word from one of our members that the USDOT Office of Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety (PHMSA) conducted an unannounced visit to their ag retail sites to inspect ammonia nurse tanks.  IFCA met with PHMSA staff who are based in Des Plaines, IL last year to discuss ammonia inspection programs and outreach efforts.  We are working with PHMSA to ensure that inspections recognize the Dept of Ag regulations pertaining to nurse tanks and for PHMSA officers to focus on major issues rather than nit-picking.  If you receive a visit from PHMSA please notify the IFCA.  Kevin Runkle can visit your facility to help you determine your compliance status with the nurse tank regulations, particularly the Nurse Tank Inspection Program for tanks that are missing their data plates.  This appears to be an area where PHMSA is taking strict enforcement action but they are also looking at condition of running gears, placards, valves, employee training, security plans, and HAZMAT Registration as it is relates to hazardous materials you ship or offer for shipment at your facility.