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Pesticide Container Recycling

The IL Dept of Ag has announced the recycling dates and locations for 2.5 gallon pesticide containers.  The schedule can be accessed at or by going to the IDA website at

We also want everyone to get used to the new term for minibulks.  In their new rules governing minibulks, USEPA calls these tanks Portable Refillable Containers or PRCs for short.  If you see the term PRC, it is the same thing as a minibulk whether the tank gets refilled or not.  We'll start using the term PRC in our communications to get you used to it. 

IFCA is working to get more clarification on the new PRC regulations which go into effect in August 2011.  We plan to put together a brochure that will help IFCA members better understand which containers will be still be legal to use and which ones will not be legal after Aug 2011.  Please also read your pesticide repackaging agreements for 2011 carefully, the registrants will have information in the agreement regarding the PRCs that you will need to use for repackaging.  We are considering holding off on PRC recycling this year in order to provide more information to our members regarding which tanks will be obsolete next year, and then conduct a major recycling effort in 2011 to collect the truly obsolete tanks.