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After the Ammonia Release

IFCA would like to thank our members who handed out the emergency response cards to farmers and helped to train them on the procedures to follow if a reportable release of ammonia occurs.  There were several incidents this year in which farmers did make the phone calls to IEMA, the National Response Center and the LEPC because it occurred when he was in control of the product.  In some cases, the Illinois EPA is now following up with these farmers, sending them an "Incident Inquiry Letter" in order to gather more information on the incident.  This is not a violation notice, but if ignored can result in one.  If any of your customers received a letter from IEPA, IFCA can assist you or the farmer in helping them to prepare the written response.  IFCA is also reaching out to USEPA to discuss how the federal agency may respond to the incidents, in the hopes of assuring a cooperative approach that will not discourage farmers from continuing to report releases.