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Another Attack on Pesticides

As if the President's Report on Cancer wasn't bad enough, claiming among other things that fertilizer causes cancer, the latest attack on agriculture was released today claiming that exposure to pesticides is a possible cause of attention deficit hyperactive disorder.  All you will hear in the mainstream media is the attention grabbing headline, but if anyone cares to read the actual report it contains no evidence, only a casual association of the possible link.  It doesn't even discuss the fact that use of organophosphate pesticide use has dropped significantly in the last five years thank to biotechnology.  But it's a slow news day so you will surely hear the talking heads discussing the headline and omitting the lack of data. Crop Life America has posted a fact sheet on the study and IFCA has it available on our website.  If you get a call from any media outlets, this fact sheet will help you do what most reports don't....state the facts!