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IL Dept of Ag Funding

We all know the state's financial situation.  Dire is an understatement.  The impact on the IDA and the regulatory programs they provide for our industry can not be sustained without securing funding outside of the state general revenue fund.  This year IFCA supported reasonable fee increases for the IDA regulatory programs to ensure that IDA can continue to retain personnel to issue pesticide licenses, approve new or modified containment permits, conduct pesticide misuse investigations, inspect ag retail facilities, help with container recycling, register pesticides for use in Illinois and many other programs we rely upon to ensure a level playing field and to reinforce product stewardship.  The legislation, HB 4866, has passed both the House and Senate.  For ag retailers, the fee increase will entail a $100 agrichemical facility permit fee paid once every 5 years or at the time of application for a new permit.  Pesticide manufacturers will see a $100 increase to register products for sale in Illinois.  Fee increases are not something that IFCA takes lightly, but due to the many challenges we face your IFCA leadership felt it vital to support the Illinois Dept of Ag and the partnership and programs that our industry relies upon to prosper, function legally and meet our regulatory obligations.  If IDA isn't there to provide needed oversight, the alternative is USEPA.  Need we say more?  IFCA is working closely with IDA Director Tom Jennings and with legislative leaders to ensure that the funds raised will remain within the Dept of Agriculture to support our state's largest and most productive industry.  If you have questions please contact Jean Payne.