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Licensing Fertilizer Wagons

A few weeks ago we told you about a problem in the IL Vehicle Code that is making it difficult to obtain a title and thus license plates for fertilizer wagons.  IFCA worked with the IL Sec of State officers to ensure you can still get license plates for your fertilizer wagons until we can fix this problem with legislation.  If you don't have a title or certificate of origin for the trailer from the manufacturer, you will need to present the Sec of State with a unique identification number on the trailer (not the tank) and a bill of sale showing you are now the owner of the trailer.  The SOS matches the license plate registration number with the unique identification number or serial number on the trailer itself.  If your trailers do not have a unique number already, we are now working with SOS to see if you can assign and mark them with a unique ID number yourself or if the SOS office will have to assign the trailer a number.  We hope to resolve this shortly.  If you find yourself in this situation, please contact Jean Payne for assistance.