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A Fair Map for Illinois

There is an important effort underway to ensure that the legislative districts of Illinois are assigned in a manner that is fair and impartial.  It's called the "Illinois Fair Map Amendment."  This effort is attempting to take the drawing of Illinois' legislative districts away from legislators and put it in the hands of an independent commission that is fair, impartial and the process open to the public.  It will take 500,000 signatures of registered voters in Illinois to put a measure on the November 2010 ballot to remove the redistricting process from the legislature and put it in the hands of an independent commission.  Many county farm bureau offices are helping to organize the petition and collect valid signatures.  Please go to and click on "Nuts and Bolts" to see how this is being organized and how you can get your name on a valid petition.  The deadline to sign the petition is the end of April.  We encourage you to do your part to change Illinois government for the better!