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Comments Due March 5 to USEPA

Thanks to the many IFCA members who have penned a letter to USEPA expressing your opposition to their proposed pesticide drift labeling language.  We cannot stress enough that this proposal is equally serious to the proposal USEPA made years ago suggesting putting a 10 mph wind restriction on the pesticide label.  USEPA is proposing a precautionary principle standard that you may not apply pesticides if they "could cause adverse effects."  This would set the stage for frivolous lawsuits and arbitrary penalties against pesticide use rather than basing penalties from drift on proven damages.  Comments are due to USEPA by March 5.  Please go to to see our Regulatory Alert on this subject, a sample letter to help you formulate your comments to USEPA and a link to a nationwide petition sponsored by Crop Life America and The American Farm Bureau Federation that you should also sign and encourage others who care about agriculture to sign as well.  We must fight this proposed rule so please send in your letter and sign the petition this week!