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Spring 2019 Nitrogen Management

The University of Illinois has published a detailed guidance bulletin on spring nitrogen management, available both on FarmDoc and by clicking here.  With so many delays this spring, management of N will be very important to ensure agronomic return as well as protection of the environment.  Nitrate levels in several of the central Illinois drinking water supply lakes are already above 5 ppm which is concerning; this is the case even though the 2018 fall fertilizer season was only 30% of a "normal" year.  This spring, using the Right Rate will be vital to help protect water supplies.  The Nitrogen Rate Calculator for Illinois has been updated with nearly 40 N rate trial results from 2018.  The Calculator provides a range for users to consider, based on actual corn response to nitrogen in many weather scenarios over recent years.  Please help educate your customers on the optimum nitrogen rate and help continue to protect vulnerable water supplies.