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Sad But Not Shocking News on NPDES Permits

The Obama Administration filed a brief this week opposing the agricultural industry's petition asking the US Supreme Court to re-hear the case that will require federal NPDES permits for pesticide applications that occur on or near water.  Crop Life America (our national crop protection industry association) and The American Farm Bureau Federation filed the appeal with the Supreme Court and The National Association of the State Departments of Agriculture and the American Mosquito Control Association were also signed on in support of the appeal. 

If you are unhappy about the current situation in government, you can do your part to change it.  The Illinois Primary is February 2nd.  You will have the opportunity to vote for a new US Senator for Illinois and also whether to re-elect your Congressman.  You can also vote for the primary candidates for the Illinois Governorship, Executive Branch and your state representatives.  Look at the candidates and ask yourself, do they truly support agriculture, business and fiscal responsibility?  Please vote on Feb 2nd and remind your family and neighbors to do the same! 

Jay Vroom from Crop Life America will be speaking on Thursday, Jan 21 at the IFCA convention regarding the NPDES permit case.  He'll share the challenges and strategy for the industry on this very serious issue, don't miss it!