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Crossing State Lines

Would it surprise you to know that for 20+ years, implements of husbandry that cross a state line must adhere to the safety regulations in the federal motor carrier safety regulations?  That means brakes, lights, pintle hooks, etc.  That's because whil the states exempt implements of husbandry from most regulations, the federal regulations have no such exemption.  These regulations apply for both farm supply companies and farmers that are crossing state lines.   

Recently there has been concern about enforcement on this issue.  Last week IFCA and other ag groups met with numerous DOT agencies to discuss this and other issues relative to interstate commerce.  DOT indicated there is no special enforcement directive underway with regard to implements of husbandry that cross state lines, however they pointed out that accidents attributed to lack of compliance could result in ticketing and civil liability and that everyone needs to be aware of the issue.  DOT acknowledged the fact that most implements of husbandry cannot comply with the FMCSA requirements in Appendix G of the regulations, since the implements are designed for field work and most safety devices would not survive in off-road conditions.  If you have questions about this issue please contact Jean or Kevin at the IFCA.  Our advice to you if you are crossing state lines is this:  be current on your hazmat registration, USDOT paperwork, licensing, and do not transport more than 3 vehicles in combination or exceed speed limits for implements of husbandry.  You could say a prayer once in a while too, can't hurt.