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Warning Letters & Violations on Pesticide Misuse

The IL Dept of Ag reports that of the 521 pesticide misuse complaints that were filed in 2018 (329 of them dicamba related), they have issued 108 warning letters and 8 monetary penalties so far--nearly all of these have gone to commercial applicators.  IDA is about 1/3 of the way through their workload on the complaints.  
Most of the monetary penalties are the result of points carrying over on the applicator's license due to a warning letter(s) being received last year.  As points accumulate over a 3 year period, the likelihood of warning letters reaching a monetary penalty increases.  
If you received a warning letter or monetary penalty and disagree with IDA's findings, please contact IFCA for assistance.  For warning letters there is a simple appeal process that you can make within 30 days of receiving the warning letter.  You can send in a letter to IDA providing additional evidence that IDA may have not had or considered, and they will review your information and make another determination on your case--either upholding their original findings or rescinding the warning letter.  Click here for the requirements for sending in an appeal to your warning letter.  If you receive a monetary penalty, you can ask for an administrative hearing to present further evidence or information; you do not need a lawyer to go with you.  If you would like to discuss your situation with IFCA, we can provide advice and assist you.