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Fire Prevention Plan Saves Money

IFCA in conjunction with the Asmark Institute recently developed a fire prevention plan for members free of charge.  The plan came about due to a need for IFCA members to work with their local fire departments to communicate and plan in the event of a pesticide fire.  To date, nearly ninety companies have used the plan in which they have reported monetary savings with their insurance provider.  The fire prevention plan is an excercise which outlines potential ignition sources and highlights what can be done to prevent a fire at a facility and what information should be communicated with your local emergency responders in the event of a fire at your facility.  Basically the plan helps answer the age old question of whether or not to let the facility burn or put the fire out.  Once a plan is in place at a facility, you should inform your insurance company to see if any discounts are available.  If you are interested in using the Fire Prevention Plan, please contact Kevin for a username and password along with instructions how to access the plan on the IFCA website.