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Report Releases Immediately

Given the severity of the penalties recently for failure to report a release on time to IEMA, the NRC and your LEPC, IFCA's advice is that if you become aware of a spill that could be an reportable quantity or a spill of a non RQ that could threaten the waters of the state (i.e. overturning a fertilizer tank in ditch) then you should immediately call IEMA, NRC and LEPC.  If the spill ends up being not reportable, you can always follow-up and explain why it wasn't reportable.  BUT if it was a reportable release and you delay notification, you can be fined thousands by the State of Illinois and tens of thousands by USEPA.  This has happened to several IFCA members.  Better safe than sorry...make the phone call immediately if you even suspect a release could be reportable.  Guidance on reporting releases can be found at under "Regulations" and "Emergency Release Info" or contact IFCA if you have questions.