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Permits for Pesticide Applicators?

Last week IFCA sent a letter to USEPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Attorney General Eric Holder and Solicitor General Elena Kagan asking the administration to appeal a recent federal court ruling that could require all pesticide applicators to obtain a NPDES permit in order to apply pesticides.  We are also working with our Congressional delegation to encourage the Administration to appeal to ruling.  USEPA has until April 9, 2009 to decide whether to appeal.  If they do not appeal, they may proceed with rulemaking to enact this permit requirement for all pesticide applicators.  A synopsis of the court ruling is posted on the IFCA website, as are our comments to USEPA on the tremendous impact this may have on the agricultural industry.  We are hopeful USEPA will choose to appeal the rule to keep pesticide applications out of the jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act.