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Clear Fuel in Floaters & Sprayers

IFCA has always recommended that you burn dyed fuel in your unlicensed application equipment.  However, we also recognize that sometimes it isn't practical given the limitations on fuel storage and the management of keeping dyed fuel and clear fuel separated in your fleet.  In 2000, IFCA help pass legislation that provides that these implements can obtain a refund of the 21.5 cent tax for clear fuel used in this equipment.  Recently the IL Dept of Revenue has declined some of these refund applications due to a debate on the underlying statutory language of what a "flotation" tire is.  IFCA has met twice with DOR and we are still working to resolve the issue.  We feel optimistic that we will prevail.  In the meantime if you are waiting for a motor fuel refund it may be delayed while these negotiations continue.  Stay tuned as we hope to resolve this issue by the end of April.