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Minibulk Issues

Did you know that by August 2011, new USEPA regulations will require that all pesticide minibulks be equipped with a one-way valve or tamper evident device?  They also must meet UN PG III DOT standards regardless of whether the pesticide in the tanks are DOT regulated products.  You are also going to have to pressure test your minibulks every 2.5 years and keep records.  IFCA recognizes that we currently have many minibulks that need to be recycled and this new regulation will only add to those numbers.  We are working on a project for a statewide recycling program.  In the coming weeks watch for a survey from IFCA on this issue.  We need to get a handle on how many tanks are out there, the best time of year to have the collection and if any of our members are willing to act as a collection site where the tanks can be congregated in one day and picked up for transportation to the recycler.