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Illinois Communities Joining Atrazine Lawsuit

In 2004, the Holiday Shores Sanitary District in Madison County filed a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of atrazine.  The suit makes claim that detections of atrazine at any level poses a health risk.  Now we are learning that the trial lawyers who are pursuing this case are encouraging other water districts in Illinois to join the lawsuit.  So far, the city of Fairfield, IL and now Hillsboro have agreed to join.  It appears the plaintiffs are "selling" the suit as a way for local water districts to potentially benefit from a victory (i.e. money to upgrade their water systems) and it won't cost them anything to be a party to the suit.  A fact sheet on the atrazine lawsuit is attached and also posted on the IFCA homepage.  Please read it to become familiar with this issue.  If the plaintiffs prevail it will impact not only atrazine use but use of all agrichemicals in the future.  We encourage you to stay abreast locally of what is happening in your town or water district and share the facts about the safe use of atrazine.  We need to try to discourage more local communities from joining in on the promise of "free money" without considering the detrimental impacts to crop production if the legal use of registered agrichemicals is challenged in civil courts.