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Impeachment Process Begins

House Speaker Michael Madigan said today "I have allowed Governor Blagojevich six days to resign his office.  It would appear this morning that he has declined to do so."  Therefore, Speaker Madigan has formed an impeachment committee and will proceed "with all deliberate" speed.  The committe will be composed of 12 democrats and 9 republicans.  The committee will meet daily except for holidays.  Their evidence could be presented and addressed by the next General Assembly when they convene on January 14, 2009.  IFCA always encourages our members to let your state Representatives and Senators know of your position on issues.  You may support impeachment, but don't take for granted that your elected officials feel the same way.  This will likely be a contentious and drawn-out affair as will the decision on how to proceed with a replacement for the US Senate Seat.  If you have a position on these issues, please let your legislators know.  Contact them at their Springfield or local district office.