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Fertilizer Storage Issues

The volatility in the fertilizer marketplace has generated a great deal of interest in storage.  Ag retailers and farmers are adding additional anhydrous ammonia storage, and IFCA is also fielding phone calls about the rules for dry and liquid fertilizer storage.  For ammonia, the storage requirements are the same for everyone except that farmers using ammonia exclusively for their own farm do not have to file an RMP.   When we get calls from farmers about liquid or dry storage, we direct them to the On-Farm Storage regulations administered by the IL Dept of Ag.  You can find these rules on the IFCA website under "Regulations" and then "Fertilizer" then look for the Agrichemical Containment Rules (Part 255) as well as a special brochure from IDA about on-farm storage.  In Part 255, the on-farm rules begin at section 255.180.  If farmers are also asking you about storage options, please direct them to the rules to help ensure compliance and stewardship with regard to fertilizer storage.  They can also talk to the IDA at 217.785.2427.