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Ammonia Release? Person in Possession Must Make the Report

If a farmer customer is in possession of anhydrous ammonia and a reportable release of 18 gallons or 100 pounds occurs, it is the farmer's responsibility to immediately notify the proper emergency personnel.  Although your customers may not want to make the calls, it is also their responsibility per federal and state regulations to contact these agencies as well if the release occurs while they are in possession of the ammonia.  Both IEMA and USEPA have made this very clear.  A written follow-up report is also required and must be sent to IEMA and the LEPC as ...

Avoid Common Ammonia Accidents

Emergency Response Reporting Instructions

Fire Prevention Plan

IFCA and the Asmark Institute developed a fire prevention plan tool to help agrichemical facilities identify and mitigate fire hazards at your facility.  Click the heading above to access the Fire Prevention Plan Tool.  

IEMA Requests Most Recent MSDS

Is It Time To Update Your Emergency Sign?

IDA regulations require an emergency sign with letters of a minimum height of two inches including the name and phone number of the owner, manager or agent of the anhydrous ammonia storage location.  The sign must be located at the entrance to the site property or apart from the storage tanks.  The Asmark Institute emergency sign program goes above and beyond compliance with this regulation.  Signs are 39.5" long by 24" wide, are made of wind and weather resistant material and come printed with your company information for just $120 each.  Cick on the ...

Reporting Ammonia Releases - 15 Minutes

If you have a reportable quantity (RQ) release of anhydrous ammonia equal to or greater than 18 gallons/100 pounds you have 15 minutes of knowledge of the release to contact the National Response Center at 800.424.8802, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency at 800.782.7860, your LEPC and local emergency responders (fire department, police).  Contact IFCA for assistance.    

RMP Compliance Tools

Click the heading above to access the myRMP Suite of Guidance materials.  This compliance tool was developed by TFI and the Asmark Institute and is endorsed by USEPA.