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NREC Invoices for Fall 2013 Fertilizer Sales

The Illinois Department of Agriculture is in the process of sending out invoices for payments to the Nutrient Research & Education Council for fertilizer tons sold to the end user in the fall of 2013.  Please do not attempt to remit any payment to NREC until you receive a specific NREC invoice from IDA for this program.  There have been a few computer issues at IDA recently which has delayed some of the invoices, so please be patient until you receive the invoice.   You may remit the 25 cent per ton inspection fee directly to IDA as usual, but don't pay NREC until you receive the invoice.  NREC recently announced funding of 15 projects in 2014 designed to address the need to improve nutrient utilization and minimize losses of nutrients to our environment.  For more on this, please click here to access the NREC website.