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Reflecting on Ammonia Safety

This week, our industry experienced a tragedy that we must all reflect upon.  A customer who had picked up ammonia nurse tanks from an IFCA member experienced a transportation related accident with the tanks, and passed away this week from complications of the injuries he sustained in that December 2013 incident.  We extend heartfelt condolences to his family.  With that in mind, please help to promote the utilization of the on-line farmer ammonia training video that IFCA hosts on our website.  We developed this program in 2013 for the sole purpose of providing an easy to access tool for farmers and anyone who picks up nurse tanks or handles ammonia.  There is no cost to use the program, and it addresses all aspects of ammonia properties, transportation, personal protective equipment, in-field application and emergency response.  The fertilizer industry is only as strong as its weakest link in the product supply chain.  The reality is that when accidents occur, and in this case the loss of life, ag retailers are drawn into civil litigation even if you are not in charge of the product at the time of the accident.  IFCA is working with the Illinois Department of Agriculture and Illinois Farm Bureau to promote ammonia safety awareness and the availability of ammonia training for farmers.  Please help us in this effort as we begin to think about spring ammonia season.  IFCA and IDA are also offering ammonia training classes later this month, many of which are already full and the others filling up fast.  Click here to access the IFCA website to see the ammonia class schedule and to access the on-line ammonia training program for farmers.