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Report Fertilizer on your Tier 2 Reports

The deadline for filing SARA Tier 2 reports is Saturday, March 1, 2014.  In addition to other hazardous chemicals that you have traditionally reported, please be sure to report fertilizers that have a reportable quantity (such as anhydrous ammonia) and all other fertilizers that you store in quantities of over 10,000 lbs on your Tier 2 report and submit a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).  SDS sheets have replaced the MSDS sheets, and by June 15, 2015 the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) would like for you to update your filing with SDS sheets replacing the old MSDS sheets that you have on record with them.  For information on the IEMA Tier 2 reporting system, please click here
While many states have fees based on the number of chemicals reported on your Tier 2 forms, IFCA has long supported a no fee policy that encourages people to properly report all chemical storage without having to pay based on the number of chemicals you report.  We have a solid working relationship with IEMA, and given the scrutiny upon the fertilizer industry after the tragedy in West, TX, proper and timely reporting of your Tier 2 forms and is essential to ensure our industry fully complies with Community Right to Know laws.  You should also invite your local fire departments to tour your facility and not expect them to rely on Tier 2 forms to know where you store your chemicals, fertilizers and fuels.  Prevention, communication and planning are the best way to prevent costly and tragic accidents.