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Illinois Senate and House Pass HB 2273

Yesterday afternoon the Illinois Senate passed HB 2273 on a 52-0 vote.  Earlier in the session, the Illinois House passed the same bill on a 109-0 vote.  HB 2273 clarifies the original Weights & Measures Act which has been interpreted at different IFCA member locations throughout the state.   IFCA expects this bill will better clarify the act which has been a top priority for IFCA in Springfield this session.   Major changes in the bill include:

•             The word “new” is deleted so all scales are required to meet Handbook 44 performance requirements for the scale

•             Sets the date of July 1, 2012, by which if a scale has previously been certified by Illinois Department of Agriculture then a Certificate of Conformance     (COC) is not required, nor do the construction or installation requirements in 600.300 of the Weights & Measures Act apply

•             Requires a new serial/identification plate if it is missing for registration and tracking purposes. IFCA is waiting on Governor Quinn to sign the bill in the     near future.  If you have any questions regarding HB 2273, please contact KJ at the IFCA office