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U.S. DOT HAZMAT Registration Deadline

If your company transports, or offers for transport, hazardous materials that require placarding by DOT, you must be registered with DOT. If your company registers with DOT annually, then registration for the 2024-2025 period must be completed by July 1, 2024. Since PHMSA allows multiyear registration, not all registration certificates are up for renewal in 2024.
The annual fee for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations is still $250 per year plus a $25 processing fee. The fee for all others remains $2,575 per year plus a $25 processing fee. It is required that a copy of the current registration be carried in every company vehicle used to transport hazardous materials and that past copies of the certificate of registration be kept for three years at the office. You can register and pay the fee online at DOT's website.
If you have more questions regarding HAZMAT Registration, please do not hesitate to contact KJ Johnson at the IFCA office.