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Top 10 Ag Retailers With the Most Fertilizer Revenue in 2023

On the surface of things, the fertilizer category did not have a good year in 2023. But looking deeper at all the facts tells a slightly different story. According to data collected on the 2023 CropLife 100 survey, the nation’s top ag retailers saw their fertilizer revenues drop off significantly during this past growing season – from $23.4 billion in 2022 to $22.4 billion in 2023.
“According to most ag retailers, the culprit for this sales declines in 2023 tied back to higher fertilizer prices coming back down to earth,” said CropLife Editor Eric Sfiligoj. “Not too long ago, exceptionally high fertilizer prices were causing plenty of worry among ag retailers. The fear was that grower-customers would be severely cutting down on their macronutrient applications – particularly phosphorus and potash. Indeed, most crop nutrients were selling at nearly $1,000 per ton, with some forms of nitrogen easily cracking the $1,500 per ton barrier.”
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