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Pesticide Storage Containers, Plumbing & Appurtenances

As a seasonal reminder when storing bulk pesticides, it is always a good practice prior to placing pesticides into any type of storage container to determine the compatibility of the pesticide with the storage container, plumbing, valves, and other appurtenances.

Some pesticide storage containers may be used to store more than one pesticide during a given year and the storage and handling equipment that was compatible with the last pesticide product may not be compatible with the most recently added pesticide.   Your best resource for guidance is the manufacturer/registrant of the pesticide. The manufacturer/registrant may have restrictions on what type of container, plumbing, valves, or associated appurtenances can be utilized for storage and handling of their products.  The manufacturer can also supply you with specific information on what type of materials are to be utilized for the storage and handling of their products. 

As a good refresher, we have provided a link to a training module on Design, Managing & Cleaning Bulk Tanks.  Click here to access the training module.