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Illinois General Assembly Passes Legislation to Bar Criminal Conviction Discrimination

Senate Bill 1480 was approved by the Illinois General Assembly during the lame duck session in January. The final version of the bill includes several provisions of concern for employers:
  • New procedures that must be followed if an employer seeks to disqualify an applicant or employee based on a criminal conviction record.
  • A requirement that employers report workforce demographic data to the Secretary of State for publication on the Secretary of State’s website.  Companies with 100 employees or more would have to comply with this requirement.  
  • A requirement that employers obtain an equal pay certification and certify that they comply with federal and state discrimination and equal pay laws.
SB 1480 was sent to the Governor’s office the first week of February.  IFCA believes that he will sign this legislation. As we gather more information, we will pass it along to membership.  The Illinois Chamber of Commerce is giving a webinar with greater details on SB 1480.  Click Here to find out more information.