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IDA Announces Farmer Ammonia Safety Training Requirements

Yesterday the Illinois Dept of Agriculture issued a press release announcing the new requirement in Illinois for farmers to become certified to safely transport, handle, apply or work with anhydrous ammonia in Illinois.  To see the press release, click here.  
Farmers and others working with anhydrous ammonia on the farm have until April 1, 2022 to obtain their initial certification.  They will have to re-certify once every 3 years.  Retailers are not required by law to document the farmer's certification status in order to sell ammonia to the farmer, but IDA is seeking the ag retail community's assistance in helping to inform farmers of this new law, and to also help offer training to the farmers.  
IFCA developed this Frequently Asked Questions document about the new requirement.  IFCA has been working closely, for over a year, with IDA and the farm groups on the training programs.  IDA plans to offer an on-line program available in early 2021 and will need the assistance of qualified ag retailers to provide in-person training to growers once classroom training is once again deemed safe to conduct.  We hope that in early 2021, classroom training can begin.  Please read the FAQ document to learn about how to become a trainer for your farmer customers.  
If you have any questions about this new law for grower ammonia training, please contact John Rebholz or anyone on the IFCA staff at 309.827.2774.