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Update on Pesticide Testing

There are approximately 20,000 Illinois operators and applicators who are due to re-test this winter in order to obtain a pesticide operator or applicator license for the next 3 years.  
IDA has been working diligently to make the pesticide tests available on-line, for the first time ever in Illinois.  We expect the IDA to release the procedures for signing up for the on-line exam(s) very shortly. 
For those who do not have a laptop or desktop computer with a camera and microphone, or who may be very uncomfortable taking an on-line exam, IDA intends to provide some in-person testing starting after January 1 (hopefully).  Space is limited for in-person testing, so if you want to secure a spot you should visit the IDA website here and register for an in-person test.  If the testing gets cancelled due to on-going covid restrictions, IDA will inform those who registered of the change in plans.  The IDA website also features links to on-line training provided by the University of Illinois, and the ability to order self-study materials for the exams.  
If you have questions, please contact IFCA.