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Dicamba Update

We are still not certain what actions the IL Dept of Ag will take regarding the new dicamba labels.  We do know there is a strong desire on the part of IDA to keep complaints low.  In 2020, when a June 25 cutoff date and 85 degree restriction was on the label, IDA received only 148 dicamba related complaints, compared to over 700 complaints in 2019.  However, USEPA has made it more difficult for state departments of agriculture to request special local needs labels, and that is why the process of making state specific label changes is much more complicated.  Acting IDA Director Jerry Costello touched on the issue in a recent interview with Farmweek.  Click here to be directed to the interview; his comments about the dicamba labels occur at 5:35 minutes into the interview.  
IFCA has posted the new dicamba labels, the map of the Endangered Species counties, and a comparison chart of the old and new labels on our "Training" menu at  Click here to be directed to the Dicamba Resource page.