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4R Updates

IFCA thanks our retail members for your great response to our spring 2020 4R survey!   We nearly doubled the number of acres reporting on fertilizer use trends and how these applications align with the IFCA 4R Code of Practice relating to rate, timing, soil testing and split applications of nitrogen.  We are compiling the results and will share the report soon, showing 4R trends in Illinois for two full crop years (2019 and 2020).  Thank you again IFCA members for continuing your proactive commitment to the 4Rs.  
On a related 4R note, TFI is accepting applications for the 4R Advocate program.  This program is celebrating its 10th anniversary starting with the acceptance of nominations for the 2021 4R Advocate awards. Advocate nominations are due no later than Friday, October 30, 2020. Details, materials, and entry forms for retailers and industry partners to nominate farmers are available online on the 4R Nutrient Stewardship website
IFCA staff Dan Schaefer and Jason Solberg have been very involved in assisting with UI's Lowell Gentry with research at several NREC funded sites in Illinois.  A new paper on phosphorus levels in Illinois soils featuring this research has been published discussing how closed depressions in fields and past manure applications influence P levels in the fields.  To read a summary of the paper and access the paper itself, click here.