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Pesticide Container Recycling Can Include Minibulks

The annual pesticide container recycling program schedule is set, with the first event on July 23.  IFCA ag retail members host these locations throughout the state, working with IDA to ensure safe recycling of empty, triple-rinsed pesticide containers.  There is no charge to participate in this program.  To see the schedule and learn how to prepare to bring your containers to these sites, click here.  
The program will also collect clean, cut-up portable refillable containers (PRCs) from the sites that are hosting the collections.  If you are not a host but still have PRCs to recycle, you must call IDA to get approval to take clean, cut-up PRCs to these locations.  Please email Rick Severns at the IDA at  to make arrangements to bring any PRCs to the collection sites; IDA will need to know how many lbs of plastic you are bringing so that the recycling company can accommodate you.  It is extremely important that the PRC plastic is cut up into manageable pieces, with all metal and labels removed and the plastic must be triple rinsed and free of any residue.