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IFCA Declares August 2020 MAGIE Virtual Month

Because of ongoing COVID restrictions on large gatherings, IFCA had to make the difficult decision to cancel MAGIE 2020.  To keep the spirit of MAGIE going strong, we’ve asked our exhibitors to create short, fun videos for IFCA to share with you throughout the month of August.  Even through these unique times, the MAGIE exhibitors have continued to give tremendous support to IFCA.  Please check out the MAGIE home page to see a list of exhibitors who voluntarily donated their booth fees back to your Association, so that IFCA can continue our mission to support and advocate for our industry.    
We don’t want the exhibitors to be the only people sharing MAGIE thoughts—we want to hear from our attendees too!  Pull out your cameras, smart phones and go-pros and tell us your favorite story from past MAGIE shows or what you like best about MAGIE.  Leslie Forrest explains what we are looking for and how to submit your short and fun videos to IFCA. Click here to view the announcement.