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CDL Exams

If any of your employees are needing to take CDL exams including the endorsement exams, the Illinois Secretary of State offices in Springfield, Marion and West Chicago are open to assist.  We understand that the Springfield office is not experiencing any kind of lengthy delays in providing tests, especially in the afternoons.  Click here for a fact sheet on the CDL offices and their hours of operation.  
If you happen to receive a cancellation letter from the Secretary of State because you have not been able to renew your medical card during this time, you can continue to drive on your CDL, but should try to get a DOT medical scheduled as soon as possible.  These letters are automatically generated and the Secretary of State has no way of knowing who is an essential industry driver and who is not.  Now that many hospitals and clinics are accepting non-COVID patients again, it is important to get your medical card up to date if at all feasible to do so.