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Update on FEMA Face Coverings - In the Mail

On April 21, IFCA sent in an order to FEMA for face coverings for all ag retail and fertilizer/chemical distribution facilities in Illinois.  FEMA initially said it would take 7-10 days for facilities to receive the shipments.  Right now, FEMA reports they are having some issues with the US Postal Service, so it may take a few extra days.  But keep an eye out for them, they will hopefully begin arriving today and next week.  The face coverings (from the Hanes Company) will arrive at your main office location and you will need to distribute them to your branch offices.  
On May 1 (today) Illinois enacted a requirement for people to wear face coverings if you cannot maintain 6 feet distance from others in your place of work or when you go into public places.  We apologize that the FEMA face coverings may not make it to your place of business today.  You can make your own face coverings from bandanas, scarves, or cotton cloths.  The CDC website explains the use of face coverings and has a short video on how to make your own face covering, click here.  The CDC guidelines for essential workers and procedures to follow is here.  
We've also received inquiries about where to obtain thermometers.  It seems they are hard to come by as well.  We have asked FEMA about thermometers and right now, we have no good answer for you.  If your employees have thermometers at home they may want to use their own until employers can get a supply.  IFCA will continue to look into this for our industry.  
Please let us know if you have questions about any regulatory issues.  You can reach any of our staff below:
Jean Payne (309) 826-3236 or
KJ Johnson (217) 369-1669 or
John Rebholz (815) 674-3798 or
Leslie Forrest (309) 660-1971 or
Dan Schaefer (217) 202-5173 or
Jason Solberg (309) 212-2159 or