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License Plates on Nurse Tanks & Floaters

On January 1, 2020 you will no longer be required to register your nurse wagons, fertilizer buggies, floaters or sprayers or display license plates to operate them on Illinois highways, thanks to legislation initiated by IFCA and that is now state law.  
We have had a few questions come up related to this regulatory relief.  
1.  You must still display the license plates this fall, since the law does not go into effect until January 1, 2020.  However, the Sec of State does not intend to mail out any renewal forms for currently registered wagons, buggies or floaters/sprayers that are currently registered.

2.  Ag retailers who transport placarded ammonia nurse wagons must still have a CDL with a hazmat endorsement or a farm service restricted Class B CDL to transport ammonia wagons.  Farmers, their hired hands or their family members are only required to have a driver's license to transport ammonia nurse wagons.  

3.  Floater and sprayers are still limited to 12 feet in width, 36,000 total lbs when on the highway, 30 mph when on a public road and must operate within a 50 mile radius of their point of loading.  If you violate any of these parameters while on a public highway, you are technically no longer an implement of husbandry and an enforcement officer can cite you as a commercial motor vehicle.  You don't want that, trust us!  Tender vehicles are still advised in order to stay below the 36,000 lb weight limit.  

Please contact IFCA if you have any questions about this new law.