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Dicamba Reminders

Under the Illinois Special Local Needs label for dicamba use on soybean this year, don't forget that you are required to check the location of DNR Nature Preserve Commission sites, which are sensitive areas and must be protected accordingly as a sensitive area.  IFCA has a feature on our website to help you identify these DNR sites, and you can download location maps to your application software.  Also there is a DO NOT SPRAY requirement if a residential area is downwind and neighboring or adjacent to the intended field of application.  The updated Special Local Needs labels are available on the IFCA website here.  
Dicamba may not be applied on soybean in Illinois after July 15, 2019.  We encourage our members to apply it as early as possible.  We've had some retailers ask what might happen if a farmer comes in to purchase dicamba from a retailer on or after the cut-off date.  The applicator is responsible for their actions regarding dicamba use in accordance with the label and there is technically no "stop sale" date.  However, we encourage our members to caution all growers about the ramifications of violating the cut-off date which may result in suspension of the applicator's license.  If you have questions about dicamba use in Illinois please contact IFCA.