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NH3 Emergency Response Wallet Cards
If you have a reportable quantity (RQ) release of anhydrous ammonia equal to or greater than 18 gallons/100 pounds, you have 15 minutes of knowledge of the release to contact the National Response Center, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, your LEPC and local emergency responders (fire department, police). Every year at both spring and fall NH3 safety schools IFCA and the DOA have provided “wallet cards” to attendees. These cards list all of the emergency contact numbers mentioned above (a blank space is provided for you to write down your local LEPC number). This year IFCA purchased new cards to be handed out. Given the seriousness of these calls being made, we wanted to invest in even thicker, more durable cards for those working with anhydrous. Images of the new cards are directly below.
IFCA and the DOA will once again plan on distributing these cards to those attending upcoming fall ammonia schools. The list of 2019 Fall NH3 Schools:  
September 9, Asmark Agricenter in Bloomington.
September 10, Days Inn in Rock Falls
September 11, Knox Agricenter in Galesburg
September 12, Poe's Catering in Springfield
September 13, Unique Suites in Charleston
October 11, Asmark Agricenter in Bloomington
The October 11 class in Bloomington is an additional class that was added for those who may have late hires or part time employees that need training prior to the fall ammonia season. Registration for these fall safety schools is currently open and can be found at the top of our homepage at Lastly, if you are interested in obtaining cards for the spring season, contact the IFCA office.  
DNR Dicamba Sensitive Areas
Part of the required Special Local Needs labels for the use of dicamba on soybeans in 2019 is “maintaining the label-specified downwind buffer between the last treated row and the nearest downfield edge of any Illinois Nature Preserves Commission site”. To help clarify where these nature preserves are located, we’ve created a resource page within the IFCA website. It can be found by clicking on the “DNR Dicamba Sensitive Areas” icon located near the top of the IFCA homepage, or by simply clicking here.
There you will find:
  1. A map of Illinois displaying all Nature Preserves Commission Sites
  2. A link to the Department of Nature Resources nature preserves webpage. There you will find detailed information on each preserve within each county.
  3. A downloadable ZIP file that can be used in your pesticide application software to help manage applications near the listed nature preserves.
If you have questions regarding any of the information provided above, please contact IFCA at 309-827-2774.